Special Links

This page is dedicated to the special favorites of Eve’s Crossing.  People and places that we feel support the idea of harmonious living.  Visit them when you have the time and inclination, we know you will find something you need at the right moment that you decide to visit.

Minute For Mom is a blog for new moms and is filled with great stories, tips and advice on just about everything.

Unity Worldwide is a spiritual organization that promotes love, peace and positive living with centers across the globe.

Super Soul Sunday is Oprah Winfrey’s incredible show that brings weekly uplifting interviews and a special spotlight on everything Good.

The Daily Love with Mastin Kipp is a website that helps bring people together through life’s challenges and their desire to connect with others who can relate to them.  Doses of Daily Love are the treatment for difficulties that seem too much to bear alone sometimes.

Minute For Mom

               Mastin Kipp