Trump’s House of Cards

cardsThe implosion of our current administration is imminent and patience is necessary for those waiting in the wings. President Donald Trump hit the ground running on his first day with a to-do list that stoked the fire of his base. One thing we can say for sure is that what we see is what we get. Everything being signed by the president is consistent with what he promised. The attitude is also no surprise. He was tweeting before and he will continue to tweet. Many Americans knew about the character of Donald Trump before the election, which is in part why they did not vote for him. It is the character, not the politics or policy that is dangerous.

A simple clue as to what type of person our President is can be seen in his reaction to situations. When called upon in public life to behave in a certain way, follow a particular protocol or honor a tradition, the expectation of decency and respect are accepted norms. It has become quite obvious that our new President does not care to adhere to these norms and continues to use that rogue attitude to fan the fire of his supporters. Though this is disappointing and frustrating, if it were only misogyny or non-nonconformity we might still be okay. The danger is that the vulgar lack of decorum is just the tip of the iceberg. We also have a man in the oval office that is not a fan of facts.

So how do we deal with a President who refuses to read, study, listen or adhere to basic protocol? What can citizens, agencies, officials and the press do to monitor an elected official who is paid by the people but refuses to allow transparency and follow guidelines? Normally the press would inform the citizens of all activities, the laws and protocols would ensure fidelity, and voting would make the changes when necessary. The difference in 2017 is that President Trump is attempting to block the ability of the press, citizens, law and protocol to do anything that might interfere with his agenda.

There is, however a weakness in this administration. It is the need to be “the greatest,” and a strong drive to be on top which elicits emotional reaction to any obstacle or opposition. The aftermath of this weakness is public tirades, poor judgment and decision making or revenge. While a bit scary regarding international affairs, rest assured that the obvious and most egregious missteps will not be allowed to come to fruition by the seasoned members of the administration.

The typical result of continued unchecked reactional behavior is an implosion as self-control becomes difficult and outbursts become regular. The only defense for the person is excuses, blame and untruths which become difficult to manage. Once their defense begins to unravel the person must create diversions with unsubstantiated accusations or fabrications that bolster their own cause. Here then lies the weakness. The same ego that drives the madness will also refuse the rules that maintain integrity. Security involving communication, language that may be misinterpreted, delicate relationships that have been built over time all become the weapons that eventually turn on the irrational user. Additionally, the tendency to use vocal and written propaganda that rallies the base will also become a weapon of self-destruction after reacting inappropriately to baiting by those with more intelligent and shrewd strategic skill. Patience and strategy are not the strong suit of one who operates through uncontrollable reactionary emotion.

How do we deal with this new administration? Just keep telling the truth, pushing the buttons, throwing out the fishing line loaded with bait, show a rising number in opposition and build an army of qualified individuals to wait in the wings. @womensmarch  @indivisible @factcheckdotorg are just a few of the watchful entities that are doing what is necessary to monitor the situation. As citizens we must stay informed, be patient and allow the ego driven administration to implode. Much like a neutron star, what will be left is a harmless but heavy mass to be moved aside and replaced by a strong and steady balanced system.



American Stew – A Recipe for Greatness

“The New Colossus,” written by American poet Emma Lazarus, is forever etched in bronze at the base of the Statue of Liberty. While the bronze Lady Liberty has symbolized many things over the years since placement at her permanent home on Ellis Island (then Bedloe’s Island) in 1886, today she represents the beacon of freedom for any and all who desire to take up the challenge.

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she

With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”    —Emma Lazarus

The words “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” remind us that the wealth and power of established old world nations are not America’s story. The nationalistic and patriarchal protectionism of the old world will not fit the developing philosophy of freedom in the new. Though this may not have been the expanded mindset of our founding fathers, it most certainly has become the mindset of today’s Americans.

The very design of the Statue of Liberty is symbolic of every struggle we’ve experienced in America. From the broken chain at her feet, to the torch she holds above her head, there is a hint toward the freedom and progress of all people. The creator, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, dressed her in flowing robes as a symbol of peace and softness, though her build is decidedly strong.  Her gaze is like that of a protective mother, welcoming and lifting those who are seeking a better life. Rather than the masculine figure and stance of a guard protecting the nation, Lady Liberty stands as a light in the darkness welcoming all to the shores of opportunity.

It seems as though Bartholdi held a vision of the coming America, one which rose to the symbolism of Lady Liberty. The struggles of our young country include the violent clash of diversity out of necessity, for without the history of such divisiveness we would not experience the glory of overcoming. We are still in the midst of this struggle, but there is a rising up of feminine wisdom, a quickening of new birth. The birth of an age of balance between all people. This change will bring the true meaning of both the Statue of Liberty and the words of Emma Lazarus full circle.

Today, July 12 of 2016, we are on the verge of an election that may result in the first female President of the United States.

Photo by Jason Lavengood
Photo by Jason Lavengood

Our Olympic team looks like the face of America with its grand diversity. The Roman Goddess Libertas, our Lady Liberty’s model, shines brightly in my mind.

My ancestors have been in America for multiple generations, reaching back to at least the 1700’s. My children, grandchildren, cousins, nephews and nieces make up a tapestry of culture including African-American, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Navajo, Filipino, Hawaiian, Romanian, Dutch, English, German, Irish, Scottish and who knows what else.

We are American Stew. The recipe for greatness begins with diversity, different ingredients that combine for a perfect whole. Let’s make America the beacon she was meant to be, let’s show the world what united means and how freedom works. We have begun to fit the Lady Liberty mold, let’s keep flowing into that form of greatness!

Hillary, Bernie, Donald and the paradigm shift

Background text pattern concept wordcloud illustration of paradigm shift

The year 2016 will be forever known as the moment everything shifted. From politics to social issues to climate, nothing is or will ever be the same. This kind of shift happens in each generation to one degree or another, but for those of us born between the 1950’s and 1970’s it has been exponential. And this particular shift comes with a move toward a great balancing.

I was born in 1960, the year when much of what we are now experiencing as Americans was also being birthed. Consider the following list of important happenings in and around 1960, and the comparison to today:

  1. Four African-American men sat down at a  Woolworth lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina and were refused service. This sparked a peaceful protest and ignited a movement to end racial inequality across the South. Though we have a long way to go, we have achieved laws that protect every American from discrimination and are soon to pass more. We have seen in just the past decade LGBTQ rights come to pass, right to die became a legal choice in some states, progress in equal pay…and etc.
  2.  Official United States involvement began in the Vietnam War. Today, our Vietnam Veterans are aging and some, after experiencing years of neglect by the country have spent much of their lives in mental and physical agony or homeless. According to the Vietnam Veterans of America,, Veterans Advocacy, Government Relations, two-thirds of the some twenty-one-and-a-half-million veterans in our country do not interact with the Veterans Administration. Though progress has been made, we are still far from where we should be in caring for our nation’s veterans. Yet, even with the analysis of the purpose and outcome of the U.S. involvement in Vietnam, we engaged in a similar situation in the Middle East. Another generation of young people are forever changed by a never-ending war and its repercussions.
  3. The U.S. launched the first Weather Satellite and the first Navigation Satellite  Each day we take for granted the technological advances in communication and global positioning systems while our once giant computer that filled the basement of a building is now a wristwatch, and global positioning satellites can pinpoint our location to within as close as 1 meter or better.
  4. The Civil Rights Act of 1960 was signed by Dwight Eisenhower ensuring voting rights for African-Americans. Voting rights continue to be a source of battle for opposing political sides. The fact that gerrymandering has been allowed to run wild with the specific goal of limiting the votes of one party is finally being discussed and changed, with the true motive exposed.
  5. Oral Contraception (the “Pill”) was approved by the FDA. Advances in medicine and the understanding of human biology have produced a variety of methods of birth control. Since the approval of “the Pill” and the rise of other types of birth control, coupled with media campaigns and public schools teaching sex education, the total number of teen pregnancies dropped 44% between 1990 and 2009.
  6. Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) won his first professional boxing match, later converted to Islam and refused the draft based on religious beliefs. When I was six months old in September of 1960, Cassius Clay won the Olympic Gold Medal in boxing. As political tensions rise in the 2016 Presidential campaigns, the subject of Islam and the Muslim faith seem to be at the center of discussion, and the passing of the converted champ now known as Muhammad Ali seems all the more poignant given his devotion to humanitarian efforts. 
  7. The approval of oral contraceptive was a shot of adrenaline for the Women’s Movement. In 1960 the Women’s Movement shot into overdrive. Now, in 2016 we are on the verge of making history in the United States with the highest seat in the land potentially being handed over to a woman, and not just any woman, Hillary Clinton is a woman who epitomizes the strength of American spirit (more on that later).
  8. Charles David Keeling’s publishing of his findings describing the seasonal pattern of CO2 variations led to the study of Global Warming.  Air pollution in Los Angeles, California was so bad in the 1960’s that people could not continue with daily activities outdoors due to the physical effects of the rise in ozone concentration. Children were kept home from school, athletes worked out in doors and farmers stood by helplessly as crops withered. The combined pollutants stood at 100 parts per billion in volume in 1960, but with an aggressive campaign to reduce, limit or outlaw certain types of pollutants the result has been a declining factor of 4 in nitrogen oxides, 50 in volatile organic compounds (which produce ozone and particulate matter) and 130 in peroxyacetyl nitrate (which causes eye irritation). While these changes are encouraging, without the cooperation of the entire country and a global effort, our human habits have contributed to the natural rise in temperature of the earth thus resulting in an earlier and more rapid climate change than normal.
  9. American Socialism had become unpopular due to improved living for the middle class and the negative influences of McCarthyism among other things. There is no question that America’s form of capitalism and democracy is a successful example of growing a country from birth to dominance in a short period of time. Two hundred and forty years is a blip of existence compared to the rise of other countries, many which have fallen or changed drastically since their inception. That being said, there is room for improvement. The United States of America has been an experiment in freedom that began with a simple set of assumptions. Today, with increasing complications that are inherent in a free society, we are facing difficult choices that challenge the original plan. Socialism became a dirty word to many in the 1960’s, but with examples of success in parts of the globe, some young people are looking at the system with fresh eyes.
  10. According to the 1960 U.S. Census, 85% of Americans were white. Our nation is on track for becoming the true melting pot we were labeled in 1908. According to the U.S. News & World Report, 2015, July 6, “It’s Official: The U.S. is Becoming a Minority-Majority Nation,” the 2014 census revealed that over 50% of the children born that year were classified as minorities. This tips the scale for the number of white versus non-white citizens and will forever change the face of America.
  11. According to a Pew Research report, in 1960 on 25% of households had Dual Income. A final comparison is that of the 1960 household income with today’s. Then only 25% of Americans had a dual income, by the year 2012 that number rose to 60%.

This data comparison leads to a conclusion that 2016 is a year of turning corners. A shift in the structure built by the “good ole boy club” who controlled everything. There are signs of a waning guard and a waxing new mindset with our future generations. The youth of today are the majority of tomorrow and they come in all gender configurations, colors and methods of communication.

The fact that a woman, Hillary Clinton, battled it out with an admitted Socialist, Bernie Sanders,  for the Democratic nomination (as of this writing she is the presumptive nominee), and will most likely be competing against the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, a wealthy man with no political experience who is being accused of misogyny and racism is ironic. I say that because Hillary represents the story of American spirit for women during a time when women have to fight just to be heard, Bernie is indicative of the new mindset that the younger generation is developing about what type of government system they see as effective, and Donald is the epitome of the old guard in his last spasms of life.

The status quo is no longer working for the youth of today, let alone tomorrow. The comparisons made are evidence of that. The interesting thing about it all is that I have witnessed such a shift in my lifetime. Everything we are currently debating from Civil Rights to Global Warming began and mutated during my life up to this point. Women are currently fighting for the right to breastfeed in public, we are fighting over what bathroom we can use and trying to justify the average citizen’s right to own a gun that can mow down 50 people in seconds.

There is a paradigm shift happening. A shift that the youth are bringing. The old ways are not going to work in this new world. Our Constitution needs to be seen as a living document if we are to develop beyond this first quarter of the 21st century. Religious and racial intolerance, gender bias and discrimination, hate and fear are all things that will hold us back or keep us in a perpetual battle with one another.

Bernie Sanders shook things up, he opened Pandora’s box for the youth of our country. The interest he generated in financial responsibility and economic fairness, gender equality and a win-win philosophy will most likely inspire many young people to further investigate public policy that will make positive changes for social reform.

Hillary Clinton showed women of all ages that even during times of oppression, developing a fortitude that will carry you to achieve your dreams is meaningful and effective. While the strength some women display may be offensive to some, their perception is not what matters, it is the individual woman’s personal goal that does. When the ignorant and small-minded were (and still are) critical of Hillary for staying with her husband in light of his transgressions, the confident and focused woman measured her options and made decisions strategically based on what would suit her future endeavors. Staying consistent in her attitude, method and mission, Hillary Clinton is a determined strong person with years of experience developed through the trials and tribulation of a navigating a man’s world.

Donald Trump is representative of the fading face of Andrew Jackson on an old $20 bill. He may be worth a lot down the road, but his true usefulness is outdated. The rhetoric, strange ideas and outlandish comments seem to be contrived in a purposeful way to make things easy for his Democratic opponent. It reminds me of a man playing at 50% assuming the woman will be easy to beat, but in this case wildly underestimating the talent and strength of his female competitor.

We are witnessing changing weather patterns, technological and medical miracles, scientific discoveries that rock our very foundation of belief and understanding, worldwide social upheaval…is it the end? No, I believe it is a turning, a re-balancing of masculine and feminine. A quickening in the womb of our existence before the birth of extraordinary change. Are you ready? This child of the 60’s is.


I am just a woman

Eve“I have ploughed, and planted, and gathered into barns, and no man could head me! I could work as much and eat as much as a man — when I could get it — and bear the lash as well! I have borne thirteen children, and seen most of ’em sold off to slavery, and when I cried out with my mother’s grief, none but Jesus heard me!”

Strong words spoken by Sojourner Truth in May of 1851. She was responding to other speakers on the subject of women’s rights. An emancipated slave, Sojourner became a champion for women and the poor. Even President Lincoln was moved by her. During a meeting between the two of them, he wrote a note and signed his name in her little notebook stating “For Aunty Sojourner Truth, A. Lincoln, October 29, 1864.”

My Grandmother raised her four children and four of her sisters in a two room house she shared with her husband and her father. They did not have running water or an indoor bathroom, she did not drive or have any money of her own. She made their clothes, their toys, their meals, washed everything by hand, grew most of their food, milked the goat, tended the chickens…and she was just a woman.

In 1960, only 40 years after women won the right to vote, I was born. My mother raised me and my three siblings while she finished high school and then graduated from nursing school. I remember her studying anywhere she could, in the sun waiting for ball practice or ballet to finish, late at night after getting us off to bed, sometimes at the kitchen table while we all watched television. Just a woman.

By 1972 when I wanted to learn how to pump gas and work on cars at my Dad’s gas station I was told no. When I wanted to play Little League Baseball with my brothers I was told no. When I could run as fast and throw a football better than my brothers and their Junior All American team-mates I was given pom-poms instead. When I asked why I couldn’t play they said I might get hurt. Because I’m just a woman.

So I started gymnastics instead, where I jumped backward from my feet onto my hands then back to my feet landing on a four-inch wide piece of wood, four feet off the ground. Then I would swing myself around on parallel bars and fling into the air from the top bar twelve feet off the ground to complete a full flip with my body before landing on the mat below. Hmm. But I’m just a woman.  Years later I gave birth to four children without any medication and became a working mom when things didn’t work out with their father. I’m still just a woman.

When I was the Executive Director for a well-known non-profit and was asked to complete a financial report I did so without hesitation. When several men on the Board of Directors asked me who prepared the report for me I told them, “No one, this is my own work.” When asked how I did it by myself I answered, “With a calculator, and a computer.” They were puzzled. Still just a woman.

When the new CEO of that same non-profit grabbed my wrist and said, “Don’t leave the room when I’m talking to you,” and I jerked my arm out of his grasp telling him, “Don’t ever touch me.” I was just a woman.

When I created a new program and wrote up a business strategy to save our company thousands of dollars but my male co-worker “forgot” to mention to the Board of Directors that it was my idea…I was just a woman.

When my second husband left me because of wrongs he committed, and I was approached by two male neighbors who thought I needed help with my “out of control” daughters, I was just a woman. I was accused by my ex-husband of raising my daughters to be man haters because I told them they should not measure their value by whether or not they have a man by their side. Yet today all three have grown to be strong successful women who see a partner as a joy not a necessity.  And still, just a woman.

Today, we are trying to protect equal pay for women, and cannot get a bill to pass or a law renewed, yet women earn more than 40% of the average family income. Harvard Business School did not allow women to enter until 1962, yet women make up 41% of the school’s 2015 graduating class. Still, according to the Washington Post article “At this rate American women won’t see equal pay until 2058,” we have a long way to go. Since 1959, the year before I was born, the rate of change between what men make and what women make has been quite different. That gap will not close for at least another 43 years.

At 55 years old I may not live to see that equalization, but I have faith that it will happen. I know that my children and my grandchildren will have a different view about the value of all people, but especially women. Sojourner Truth said of the Biblical Eve, “If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these women together ought to be able to turn it back , and get it right side up again! And now that they is asking to do it, the men better let them.”

I believe that the imbalance that started with the story of forbidden fruit will right itself when equality in all aspects of life has been achieved. But what do I know, I’m just a woman.

Autism Reality

jason1As the mother of a 21-year-old man with severe Autism, I appreciate the effort made in research, recognition, raising awareness and everything else that the month of April brings. Though I am at a point of acceptance and normalcy in my life with Autism, many families are struggling with a new diagnosis and the hopeful expectation the media seems to offer.

My advice to the well-meaning do-gooders who come together each April on behalf of those living the Autism adventure is dig deeper. Money is raised, awareness is raised, programs and services are started….a lot of effort is made. But what about the day-to-day behind the scenes activities no one thinks about?

Let me list a few from my own experience that may help others to understand why some parents do not celebrate April’s festivities and quite possibly resent the notion that Autism is just about being odd or different.

*  During the second year of my son’s life prior to toilet training he would strip off his clothes every day as soon as he had the chance and use the available medium from his diaper to decorate the carpet and walls in his room. While smearing is a fairly normal thing for most toddlers, an Autistic child takes it to a whole other level.

*  In his toddler years my son found out how to open every door and lock in our home, even with the child protective covers. He escaped three times while the family slept and once while with the babysitter. He was found in the wash near a huge drain pipe leading under the street one time, at the edge of the main road near our house on another occasion and in our neighbor’s driveway when he ditched the babysitter.  In his tenth year he climbed the brick wall in our back yard and went into the neighbor’s house and sat on his couch. When the man asked what he was doing there my son screamed at him and crawled back over the wall.

* My son began self-abuse at age nine when he started banging his head on the wall. We could not find a reason for his episodes but he would hit so hard the drywall would have holes in it. One time he hit so hard his head swelled up until the ridges around his brows and eyes basically disappeared. Fortunately, the doctor at urgent care did not find anything to be concerned about.

Through the years the head banging turned into elbow banging. He would hit his elbows on the walls, again making holes and swelling his elbows to the point that there was no obvious elbow to be seen. He had to have the joint drained with a large needle on several occasions, and has permanent damage to both joints today. He moved from elbows to feet and hands, banging them on objects until they were swollen.

Soon it became punching himself in the face until his eyes were black and blue. He looked like he’d been beat up every day. Sometimes he would smash himself in the mouth until he split his lip. We could hear this when he was doing it, like a fight was going on in the next room.

Last year he switched things up and began hitting himself on the top of his head. That sounded more like someone hitting a piece of wood. Lately it is light tapping with his knuckle on the cheekbone or directly on his eyeball.

*  It was years before I could take a shower unless someone was home. Once he was too old to take in with me, I had to plan everything quite strategically. He is my youngest child of four, so I was used to doing this. But no one plans to continue this forever. He has not tried to escape in a long time, but I still cannot trust him enough to allow me to shower.

My son is limited in his verbal communication, no one other than family can understand him. He is in all other ways a typical 21-year-old man, and tries to express himself. We are trying to help him understand why he cannot grab a woman by the face and rub his nose against her forehead. We are trying to teach him how to behave appropriately so he will not be arrested some day.

So while the brilliant savants or those with Asperger’s and mild Autism are most certainly deserving of our acceptance into the mainstream, my son and others like him will always need assistance. They are the ones who “look so normal” but make strange sounds and touch themselves inappropriately. They are the ones who will take food from a strangers plate at a restaurant even though mom is trying to prevent it. My son is the one who is towering over you at 6′ 2″ wanting to make you join him in a rousing round of Baa-Baa Black Sheep because that is his chosen greeting when trying to make a friend.

Where will you be on those nights when my son cannot sleep, it is 11:30 pm and he is punching himself in the face because he is not ready to go to bed but I am exhausted? Where will you be when the police are at the mother’s door ready to arrest her because her son escaped in the night and drowned in the pond and she has been accused of neglect?

Celebrate the success and ability of our kids, but please don’t forget the ones who are on the fringes, those who are tough to talk about, those who cannot be a poster child for your latest “cure,” “therapy,” or “treatment.” Let’s make April’s Autism Awareness something that finds ways to help the large percentage of parents who struggle daily with a severely disabled child who will become a severely disabled adult that society eventually will have to pay attention to.

Manifestation, Precognition or Preparation?

Most everyone is familiar with the book “The Secret,” which helped to catapult the theory of the Law of Attraction into the mainstream.  I have my own take on the theory. Let’s set aside any philosophy, religion or physiology and just be open to the possibilities.

The concept behind The Secret is basically that through our intention, driven by emotion, we attract that which we envision.  The fact that the behavior of certain particles is affected by observation and human assumption has been proven time and time again in the lab. So the concept of the law of attraction is solid. Yet, there is another possibility.

When I was a freshman in high school, I had a crush on a senior. He kindly tolerated my silly flirtation and even invited me to his graduation. I was not old enough to date, but my parents agreed to drive me to and from the event. As we drove to the graduation site, I played out a scenario of the night in my mind. This was a habit I had developed over the years, to daydream or imagine what was going to take place. In this case, I imagined that after the ceremony my crush would introduce me to his parents. I envisioned the parents as a petite couple with big smiles. I imagined the dad calling me a beautiful girl in Spanish and the mom wanting to take pictures of me and their son. Then my crush hugged me, kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for coming.

I shook off my daydream as the car stopped. My parents dropped me off at the site, I watched the ceremony, then my crush approached me with a petite couple beside him. He introduced them as his parents. His mom smiled and gently took my hand. His dad smiled and commented in Spanish how beautiful I was. The mom took pictures of us, then my crush hugged me, kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for coming.

Manifestation? Maybe. Precognition? Possibly. But what about preparation? Was my daydream simply a preparation for the possible outcome? I have long wondered if these coincidences are simply my mind or consciousness having the ability to exist in all time at one time. Much like the particles in quantum physics, could our consciousness be unlimited by time?

Let me give you a couple more examples.  One night I awoke from a nightmare about something chasing me.  I went into the bathroom with my empty glass and, like many nights, did not plan to turn the light on because the moonlight was just enough for me to see the faucet.  For some reason this time, however, I felt compelled to close the door and turn the light on.  As soon as I looked down at the sink and was about to fill my glass, I saw a HUGE black widow perched in the middle of the web she had just spun in the sink. She was directly under the faucet where my hand and my glass would have went.  What made me turn on the light when that is not my normal habit? Another instance, which also involved my nightly glass of water, happened when for some reason I picked up my glass by placing my finger tips inside and my thumb on the outside with a pinching grip instead of just grasping it normally.  As I did so, I felt my fingers touching something other than water. I took the glass into the bathroom, closed the door and turned on the light and found my glass filled with ants inside and out. Now, why did I wake up, sit up, then stick my fingers into the glass with my left hand instead of just grasping it with my right and taking a drink like always?

Again, I say preparation. The human mind or consciousness is a mysterious and under-explored territory. Scientists are just beginning to explore the possibility that the mind is operated by quantum energy, and since the quantum world does not seem to be governed by time or space, then our mind would not be bound by them either. Our brain is like a computer, our mind is the software and our consciousness the operating system.

Much like what we call animal instinct, our mind works in tandem with the consciousness to guide our brain in preparing us for what is coming. Sometimes we can see the obvious event about to take place, other times we just sense it. When we decide what direction we want to take in life, our mind searches the consciousness to map out a path. The mind can then direct the brain to seek out only those avenues that keep us on the path. The brain operates by automation. It functions by the fight or flight, survival laws of life. Therefore, the brain can sometimes lead us off the path that the mind is laying out. By stepping off the path or missing the road signs we put off achieving that which we told the mind we want.

So manifestation, precognition or preparation? They really are the same thing. In real simple terms, when we open ourselves up to the possibility that our mind knows no limit, perhaps we can retrain our brain to trust it and begin to operate out of wonder instead of fear. The mind is constantly whispering to us in preparation for the manifestation of what is to come.  Be sure to listen.

Bun-Bun’s Theory of Everything

I wrote a book a few months ago. It was inspired by some conversations my husband and I have had about, well, everything. I wrote it under the fantastical premise that my albino rabbit suddenly decided to spill his guts on his theory of all that is. Having read several metaphysical books such as Conversations With God, Love Without End, and MessagBunBun1es From Michael I thought it would be a good idea to put forth some of my own deep philosophical beliefs. The challenge of course is that my long-held understanding of our interconnectedness came from years of being curious, inquisitive and reading everything possible on the subject matter, not from a voice beyond. Then I realized that my connection to the All That Is, the collective consciousness (the Akashic Record, if you will) is that voice from beyond.

Yet, who am I? Just your average mother and grandmother living in southern California with a few college classes under my belt. My white rabbit however, has somehow become the imaginary voice for my otherwise silent musing. Bun-Bun was the perfect character to bring forth all that my little brain conjures up. Besides, what better representative for the secrets of the Universe? A quiet, unassuming feeder rabbit, rescued from a snake’s cage of certain death, only to live his own life out in a cage. He has a lot to say.

To purchase your own copy of Bun-Buns Theory of Everything, to Amazon-Kindle

Bun-Bun’s Theory of Everything

by Cheryl Ann Hunter