Fear and Loathing



Fear and LoathingToday many are talking about 12/12/12, a number with meaning for some, an interesting fun fact for others.  Most of us will not live to see another repeating date, that’s sort of interesting.  If we watch or read much news we certainly feel the fear rising as we head to mid December.  Considering all of the warnings, threats and talk of doomsday, it is easy to become fearful.

Are we really heading into financial disaster as we teeter on the edge of the “fiscal cliff?”  Will Korea really launch missiles?  How real is the possibility of a country using chemical bombs?  Is the climate change going to destroy life as we know it?  Are we being ruled by some secret society?  Are the rich taking over the world?  Is Armageddon just around the corner?  Are aliens coming to claim our planet?

Even if the answer is yes to any of these questions, what does it really matter in the long run for the average person?  We go about our daily lives loving our children, working at our jobs, trying to survive, and in the end the only thing we leave this life with is love.  So regardless of when and how we move to our next adventure, none of it will matter at that split second when the eternal nature of who we are leaves this physical world.

Is the end of the world approaching?  No one knows.  The only thing we can control is our emotions and the love we give.  We can choose to see the fear and loathe the future, or we can embrace the adventure and the anticipation of things to come with joy.  What happens is of no consequence, how we react is the key.  That goes for the end of the world or just getting a flat tire on the freeway.  How will you choose to face either?


Author: Cheryl Hunter

Eve's Crossing is a state of mind. Cheryl Hunter is the editor and creator of Eve's Crossing.

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