The New Dawn

There may be some dispute over the timing of the Age of Aquarius, but the fact that change is afoot seems indisputable.

In Astrological terms each age is the mark of time under a specific constellation of stars. The span of time for each age is approximately 2,150 years, which represents the movement of the vernal equinox from one constellation to another in the Zodiac. The numerous calculations for the exact time of the arrival of Aquarius range from 1447 AD to 3597 AD.

Aquarius is associated with great change that ushers in a shift in cultural tendencies. It is generally associated with electricity, computers, humanitarianism, philanthropy and other major societal influences.

Any shift in consciousness throughout the ages has come along following great discovery. Many advancements in technology, medicine and the like have shaken the traditions of cultures by introducing new thought about our relationship to the universe at large. As our self-awareness expands and our consciousness moves to a great understanding, change is unavoidable.

For several generations humankind has pondered the coming of the “new age.” The Mayan calendar theories and speculations about the Dec. 21, 2012 end times have stimulated conversation and philosophic musings about the post apocalyptic world. Interestingly, we have witnessed changes in society and cultures throughout the past decade with exponential frequency.

Advances in technology has allowed us to map the entire human genome, made computers faster and more powerful than ever imagined possible, moved cell phone and video communication to become a part of every day life, brought the very outer edges of our universe into view, and exposed truth in many corners of the world which produced uprising and regime changes in places with generations of dictatorship. We’ve seen a movement toward a new understanding of freedom, civil rights and the definition of equality. We’ve seen a change in attitude toward the importance of earthly stewardship…and so much more.

Such changes began with the subtle nudging of people who saw the potential for a better world, and has grown exponentially as a result of changes beginning to take place. The more we see changes, and the more acceptable the changes become, the more rapidly they will occur. Our youngest generation will always become more accepting of the change, and help move it along.

Whether we are reacting to the movement of the stars because the position of our constellation produces changes in our consciousness, or we are shifting our thinking because of the generations of belief that something would happen at this time in our planet’s existence, the truth is change is happening. Call it growth, call it evolution, call it spiritual revolution, whatever we choose to label this time of humanity there is no arguing that change is happening.

The actual Age of Aquarius may have passed or is still to come, but the spirit of the Aquarian influence is definitely upon us.  It is the dawning of a new age for human kind.


Walking Through Fire

Walking Through Fire

The end of 2012 comes with important discussions on where we are, how far we’ve come and how we got here.  The topics of the day involve gun control and the so-called “fiscal cliff.”  The decisions being made by the United States government at this very moment are some of the most important in decades.  With a dangerous division in our country, the gun control issue will take mature, honest dialogue to solve.

Moving toward a solution in any disagreement takes compromise and humility.  Change in any situation is sometimes painful and fraught with fear and resentment.  Yet as with any great shift in society or culture the birth of the new begins with the death of the old.  That death is many times accompanied by violent opposition during the last gasping breath of control.  So it is with the gun control issue as well as what it means to be free.

The 2nd Amendment states:  “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”  In 2008, District of Columbia vs. Heller, the court ruled that the amendment protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in the militia, and the lawful use of the firearm for protection such as defense of one’s home.  With that in place, and the changes in laws regulating the type of firearm possession allowed, we have reached a point of 9 guns in civilian hands for every 10 people in our country.  Statistics do not necessarily show a rise in gun deaths, but other factors such as mental health issues are playing a role in the type and number of incidents of mass killings.

When we are considering changes to our country’s budget, we should weigh heavily the consequences of cuts to funding for mental health treatment.  The combination of more gun accessibility and less health care accessibility is a lethal one.  We are walking through the fire right now.  The change in consciousness over our “rights” and what is good for the whole is an important one.  It is one that will be studied in the future and one for which our generation will be judged closely.

Fear and Loathing



Fear and LoathingToday many are talking about 12/12/12, a number with meaning for some, an interesting fun fact for others.  Most of us will not live to see another repeating date, that’s sort of interesting.  If we watch or read much news we certainly feel the fear rising as we head to mid December.  Considering all of the warnings, threats and talk of doomsday, it is easy to become fearful.

Are we really heading into financial disaster as we teeter on the edge of the “fiscal cliff?”  Will Korea really launch missiles?  How real is the possibility of a country using chemical bombs?  Is the climate change going to destroy life as we know it?  Are we being ruled by some secret society?  Are the rich taking over the world?  Is Armageddon just around the corner?  Are aliens coming to claim our planet?

Even if the answer is yes to any of these questions, what does it really matter in the long run for the average person?  We go about our daily lives loving our children, working at our jobs, trying to survive, and in the end the only thing we leave this life with is love.  So regardless of when and how we move to our next adventure, none of it will matter at that split second when the eternal nature of who we are leaves this physical world.

Is the end of the world approaching?  No one knows.  The only thing we can control is our emotions and the love we give.  We can choose to see the fear and loathe the future, or we can embrace the adventure and the anticipation of things to come with joy.  What happens is of no consequence, how we react is the key.  That goes for the end of the world or just getting a flat tire on the freeway.  How will you choose to face either?

A Season for Giving

Tis the season, so they say.  We all try to do our part but when organizations take up the challenge to make positive changes a little goes a long way.  Today Google recognized just such organizations.  I was impressed by the activities and the acknowledgement.  Small steps by many people will lead us to a better place as humans.

Google’s Global Impact Awards recognized the following organizations:

Charity: Water

Bar coding Life

U.S. School Donations

Equal Opportunity Schools

Promoting Positive Image For Women

Direct Giving

World Wildlife Fund

When we provide a platform for the individual to make a difference, that individual will use it.  As technology in communication and media transfer expands people move closer together.  By putting the power of action in the hands of the people we are changing our world into a more cooperative, supportive place which promotes peace and overall health.

I applaud Google’s effort in bringing attention to these organizations, and I applaud you for taking the time to read about them.

Connected by Consciousness

I watched Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday today and was amazed, elated and validated by the story her guest had to tell.  Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander sat down with Oprah Winfrey to discuss his book “Proof of Heaven.”  You may see the full episode here.

I have believed since I was a child that our true self is part of a greater source that flows in, through and around all that is.  One of the things that sparked that thought for me was Dr. Seuss’ “Horton Hears  A Who.”  The story helped me to consider that the world I perceived was not necessarily all there was.  It helped me to understand that life is delicately intertwined and infinitely deeper than I had been taught.

This beginning of my spiritual quest started me off on an inquisitive search that led to a lifetime of hunger for knowledge.  It wasn’t so much that I needed to know what or who “God” was, or even if there was a Heaven or Hell.  It was a need to understand the reason we would exist at all.  I believed that there had to be a reason.  One thing I did know to the farthest depths of my being was that we don’t just cease to exist when our body dies.  The more I looked into the science of our world, the more of a spiritual connection I realized.  Scientifically I believed in the quantum aspect of our existence to the extent that every particle we are composed of simply takes another form.  This would mean that our consciousness would be embedded in those particles.

I’ve always believed in the validity of near death experiences.  Dr. Alexander’s story gave it true credibility.  That was a very cool thing to know.  I haven’t read the book yet, but I intend to.  The closer science and spirituality get to each other, the stronger is my belief in the omnipotent Universal Mind.


Frozen in Tradition

This first week of December comes with the anticipation of what 12/21/12 will bring.  It also comes at a time when the world is in a period of deep soul-searching.

Frozen In Our TraditionThe signs of the holidays are all around, have been since before Halloween.  The traditions we have known and followed for generations have begun to take hold.  Every culture or religion takes ownership of the season and fervently appeals to the masses that their manifestation of holiday recognition is the right one.  These traditions bring us together but also drive us apart.  The symbolic meanings of each ritual, object, and character become lost in the competitive drive for ownership of the holiday.

Our free market self takes full advantage of the holiday season to generate revenue.  This is true for the giant super stores, mom and pop stores, churches, and even public institutions.  Fund raising for nonprofits becomes most lucrative during this season as everything from candy to candles are great gifts that “need” to be purchased anyway, so why not help someone out in the process.  This surge of frenzied shopping and spending has absolutely nothing to do with the origins of this season, however even the most pious of organizations will gear up for what they may financially reap this time of year.

The economic expression of holiday giving is the creation of capitalism, and a tradition that began with the establishment of the free market.  The traditions we enjoy stem from generations of a great melting pot which brings culture, religion, superstition, and regional dynamics into one big batch of holiday stew.  The mixture sometimes becomes a toxic brew of anger, hate and greed.

Our need to fight for individualism, which stems from our natural tendency to compete, causes us to cling to our particular tradition as the right one.  When we feel that something different is threatening our hold on what we perceive as “right,” we attack.  The reality is that no one philosophy has a hold on the holiday, no one belief system is more deserving of holiday expression, and no particular tradition holds more meaning or truth than another.

The more we stay frozen in our traditions, the less we allow ourselves to expand into experiencing the joys of difference.  The more we cling to our way without recognizing that there are many ways, the less joy we express and the less joy we receive.

So express greetings this holiday season in whatever way you feel works for your tradition.  But let’s try to also respect anyone else’s right to express their own.  Whether it’s Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or just another day, we are all equally justified in our celebration. Thus, when you hear “Happy Holidays” versus “Merry Christmas,” or “Season’s Greetings” instead of “Happy Hanukkah” perhaps this year we can smile and appreciate the diversity among us, and melt that need for our tradition to be the only one.  We are one, and this is a beautiful time for renewal and unity.