In The Beginning…

To fully understand the meaning behind the name “Eve’s Crossing” one needs to start from the very beginning (at least the beginning according to the traditional Biblical teachings).  For more on that and the interesting comparisons between creation stories and the male/female roles please click here.  Traditional Adam and EveChristian church teachings are that Eve was formed from Adam’s rib because he needed a companion.  This companion was apparently restless and easily swayed and thus the serpent talked her into partaking in the “forbidden fruit,” though God had made it clear that this was a major no-no. Then, because she shared everything with Adam, Eve convinced him that it was okay to partake.  Once the two broke this most important rule they were banished from Paradise.  Of course the story goes on to explain that this big sin was what caused all of the pains of childbirth to fall on women and that humankind in general will now have to toil in order to survive.

This kicked off thousands of years of the belief in many cultures that women were the cause of all man’s ills and that they were not deserving of an equal treatment in life.  Similarly we have used a variety of reasons for oppression of many groups based on religion, race, gender, physical appearance or anything else that separates that group from the “norm” of the majority.

The imbalances in our current society (and the world) stem from fear, greed, power, envy and guilt.  Fear is usually the product of ignorance and intolerance.  Greed can be spawned from fear because if we live in fear of losing what we have we are going to make sure we have more than we need.  Power is also a product of fear because if you have all the power you do not have to worry about anyone keeping you from doing what you want, and the fear of being controlled is a motivator to be the one in control first.  Envy grows from those who do not have wanting what others do have, and it can be one of the most dangerous of motivations.  Guilt pushes us to be indifferent or to close ourselves off because we do not believe we can do anything to help those in need, but we do not want to let go of or share what we have so we feel guilty.

All of these things can be healed in any society when a system of true equality is in place.  Does this mean Socialism is better than Capitalism?  That is a personal view and labeling anything about the ideal society just pollutes the plan for healing.  The bottom line is that we all can have everything we want and still help others achieve all they want at the same time.  Life is not a competition among intelligent species…at least not at the higher levels of consciousness.  A society in which all the basic needs for living are shared equally and provided for those who cannot help themselves is a society that is always operating at a healthy functionality.  From there each individual is free to be creative in developing whatever opportunities for achieving more that their hearts desire.  A free market society may easily be built on a foundation of a shared basic needs surface.

So beyond the way we treat each other in a micro way (gender, race, economic status, etc.) we also should look at how we do business in a macro way.  The balance necessary to move forward as a species and truly achieve a healthy joy filled society can only be achieved by a rise in consciousness.  That is where we are right now…at a crossroads.  But before we can treat the macro, there are a few micros to tackle.Apollo and Daphne

The first step in moving in the right direction is looking at our attitude toward the women of the world.  Remembering that the woman gives birth to and nurtures each new generation should be enough inspiration to revere women as a most important equal partner in the building of a perfect society.  This begins with honoring her body in its primary function.  Each part recognized and appreciated for its contribution to bringing forth and nurturing life.  Our young boys should learn early on to respect a woman’s body for its life giving qualities first and foremost.  This would help our young girls to grow up feeling respected and knowing their own potential.

If we are really honest about what our boys are taught about a woman’s body we will discover that the majority see only the sexual conquest and then the mate that shares a bed.  While sexual attraction is natural and a wonderful part of finding that compatible life partner, it should be allowed to develop naturally from a base of understanding about the true nature and importance of a woman.

We cannot stop the runaway train of using sensuality to sell, manipulate, reward or punish because as a society we have allowed that monster to grow out of control.  We can, however build a better base for our children so that those concepts are viewed from a healthy perspective which allow a better filtering of what is nonsense and what makes sense.

Why is this our responsibility?  Much of our imbalance stems from economic hardship which most often is the result of single parents struggling to raise children in a world that is built on rules that leave little opportunity for improvement.  Many young women have a negative self image and do not expect more out of their young men because they have not been taught to do so.  Many young men have not seen a good example set in respecting and honoring women so they do not know any better.  The more we produce children with a warped sense of who they really are the more they will duplicate this warped reality.

So how does this effect you?  Imagine you are on the beach with your young son and you see a beautiful woman on the beach in a very revealing bathing suit and seated near her is a young mother openly breast feeding a baby.  What is your first thought?  What is your son’s first thought?  Do you see the beauty in the bikini clad woman but find yourself disgusted by the young mother “doing that” in public?  Be honest about this.  Did you find both women beautiful and feel a smile of love come to your face when you see the nursing mother, while pointing out to your young son how wonderful it is that women can be both alluring and nurturing while still both being beautiful?  Then you are at Eve’s Crossing and you’ve chosen the correct path.


Author: Cheryl Hunter

Eve's Crossing is a state of mind. Cheryl Hunter is the editor and creator of Eve's Crossing.

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